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A Perfect Day

A perfect day: in our everyday lives, a perfect day consists of having breakfast with each other, maybe with our friends and family, but we indulge in our breakfast and spoil ourselves by going to our fav breakfast spots in Cairo. To us, a good breakfast sets the tone for the day! A perfect day also involves doing some shopping and buying things we need (and things we don’t), but the really great days also consists of doing something new, going on an adventure. (This is a blog post as well as our images for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge)

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They just look FUN!

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Sharing at its best

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Some go for the typical orange juice, while others take a risk with a mango, kiwi, pineapple combo! (ps it was delicious)


Touchdown: Alexandria

The oh-so delectable Alexandria, one of Egypt’s treasures was the destination of my last adventure with my friends. We roamed like nomads by the sea, visiting the sights of which we’re oblivious to their existence.

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Unorthodox modes of transportation are the best!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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Always be conscious of the beauty around you

We went to Bibliotheca Alexandria, and were very surprised to find multiple museums in the biggest library in Egypt. One of those was a museum about one of Egypt’s former president: Anwar El Sadat. I got a sneak peak of what his life was like, and I must say, I was inspired. Moreover, we went to the Blue and White restaurant in the Greek Club by the sea, and enjoyed a mouth-watering seafood dinner.

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Make books your best friends

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Such a small world

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Al Sadat’s personal notes

Now more than ever I want to travel all over, and discover my country, which has immense beauty but that no one knows about, including we Egyptians. Whenever you get a chance to travel, go on a road trip, however long it is, go for it. The circumstances don’t really matter, you can stay in a shitty hotel, eat not so delicious food, and questionable modes of transportation, that’ll make the best trips ever!

Photo Challenges

The world beneath our feet!

In participation to the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge,  we started looking at the world under us rather than the world that surrounds us! We took several images, documenting our week, and we found ourselves sporting very colorful nail polish, staring at the sea and luckily, surrounded by the best of friends!


The key is to be colorful!

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You don’t have to be standing to look beneath your feet, and that’s my favorite position

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You should always surround yourself with the best of friends, and it helps if you’re all different

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Who said you can’t wear your favorite shoes during summer? It’s not all about the sandals.

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Then there’s always the dreaded formal day at the office


Hit the gym!

We both know a little too well the struggle of desperately wanting to get skinnier/ fitter and not being able to. Why? Its just because we love food so much. But every once in a while we get a surge of motivation that pushes us towards the gym. Here are a few tips we have acquired over the very much-interrupted years of training:


“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” – Marv Levy

Find a workout buddy! This is an absolute must, because this is the person that will push you to go even though you really really don’t want to sometimes, they are the person that will count your reps and help you get up when your own muscles wont lift you up anymore. Needless to say, we go to the gym together, workout together and motivate each other when we take on yet another attempt to diet.

Be colorful! Workout clothes are just FUN, its your chance to wear whatever you want without having to worry, because lets face it, it’ll be drenched in sweat in an hour or so. You can also bring back neons, they’re a trend that has gone out of fashion but they motivate like no other color! So get your blue running shoes, printed yoga pants and neon yellow t-shirt on and head to the gym!

Be consistent! If you skip a day, you’ll most likely skip two after it, so be consistent, set a goal for yourself. It could be either going for three days a week or six days a week, but whatever you decide, you have to stick with it.

Proximity is key! Don’t go too far, your gym should be a walking distance from your home, because you’ll most likely be very discouraged by the traffic -at least if you live in the busy streets of Cairo like we do- so pick a place that’s close by so you’ll find less excuses not to go.

It’s very ironic that we’re giving this advice but we have the hardest time following it! But hey, at least we’re trying..


Spin like there’s no tomorrow!


We do it with style