Touchdown: Alexandria

The oh-so delectable Alexandria, one of Egypt’s treasures was the destination of my last adventure with my friends. We roamed like nomads by the sea, visiting the sights of which we’re oblivious to their existence.

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Unorthodox modes of transportation are the best!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

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Always be conscious of the beauty around you

We went to Bibliotheca Alexandria, and were very surprised to find multiple museums in the biggest library in Egypt. One of those was a museum about one of Egypt’s former president: Anwar El Sadat. I got a sneak peak of what his life was like, and I must say, I was inspired. Moreover, we went to the Blue and White restaurant in the Greek Club by the sea, and enjoyed a mouth-watering seafood dinner.

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Make books your best friends

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Such a small world

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Al Sadat’s personal notes

Now more than ever I want to travel all over, and discover my country, which has immense beauty but that no one knows about, including we Egyptians. Whenever you get a chance to travel, go on a road trip, however long it is, go for it. The circumstances don’t really matter, you can stay in a shitty hotel, eat not so delicious food, and questionable modes of transportation, that’ll make the best trips ever!


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